As an independent european coaching team, with our experience and knowledge, we provide young sailors with skill training, mentoring and inspiration to become the world class racing athletes of tomorrow.


We are the only one team worldwide to offer a complex full service,
including sailing coaching, fitness coaching, online coaching and
performance control, recovery facilities; and
regatta tour to all the European- and World Championship regattas
following the international events calendar.

  Year of foundation: 2016

Coacing experience: 10 years

Attended nations: +27

Days on the water: ~300

Podium results: ~15

2020 team members: 4

2024 team members: 5


You can enjoy a two times former olympian sailing coach's trainings on the water, then a world class detailed video debrief analyzing session.
Every day we work with passion for what we do, we love what we do and we share the inspiration of constant innovation in the sport of sailing.

Strength & Conditioning 

We do two physical training sessions daily, adapted to the sailing conditions of the day. 
Our fitness coach gives his full attention to each sailor, observes the individual abilities, and always focusing on strengthening specific muscles for sailing.


We don’t only give instructions and routines, but also we believe in sailors and want to reach their goal together.

We are passionate to help athletes at different levels of ability to pursue their sailing dreams ultimately reaching their sporting potential.


Stress is real. As a high-level or professional athlete you are required to perform extraordinarily well under pressure. 

We find it important to give every chance to our team members to recover and receive proper treatments as quick as possible.

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We hold our training camps in Gran Canaria all year round, frequently in the winter season. We have a number of sailors who are training on the base full time following a yearly program, and also plenty of individuals who fit in the intermediate camps.
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You never have to worry about transporting your boat and allowing you to fly into the venue.

We maintain a fleet of approximately 15 ILCA licensed charter boats, guaranteed less than three years old, as well as carbon top and bottom masts.

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In 2020, we desired to be able to lead our team from different locations of the world.
Our web-application has been developed where we can supply sailors on a daily basis with performance planing and controll, results analytics, fitness programs, and training hits.

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We are based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in cooperation with the Federación Canaria de Vela and the Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria.

The Canary Islands are the best place in Europe for sailing looking at the various wind conditions, ocean waves, warm temperature.

Not least the club facilities allow us to fulfill every day with quality trainings.

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TOKYO 2020 

We are extremely proud to have achieved qualification spots for Switzerland, Greece in 2018, and India, Spain in 2021 with the team in the current campaign.
We are looking forward to work for the next one!

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PARIS 2024 

Our next long term goal is to achieve participation and medals on the Paris Olympic Games in 2024 as well, by following our yearly program prepared individually to make the best performance.