We supply charter boats for the base camps and for  international  events (for further information please contact us with your plan) as well.

The usual procedure is to check out your charter boat  at the start of your training clinic, or a couple of days before the start of the racing event.

You need to sign a form acknowledging the condition of the boat upon pickup and pay a damage deposit of €200, then the boat is yours until the end of the camp/event.

At the end of the camp/event you need to bring the boat back at a previously agreed time, and sign the boat off  with our staff member assuming there is no damage.


In case of small damage to the gel coat (on the hull) will incur a 35 euro fine from the deposit.
Spars and foils that are badly bent, broken or lost will incur a fine of 50% of the purchase price.

Masts that are broken will need to be replaced at the expense of the user.

Please remember all the small blocks for the control systems as we cannot supply these.

Boat Insurance is not covered within the charter price. Please make sure that you transfer your own insurance before you travel.

By placing an order of a charter boat, and/or by accepting the delivery of a charter boat you accept our Damage Policy.

Your charter boat will be supplied with the following equipment provided:

ILCA hull with bailer fitted

Racing padded toe strap, shockcord and toe strap line

Spars, lower and top mast, boom complete with all fittings attached

XD deck base fittings with cleats, but without blocks

Launching trolley


You need to supply the following:

Sails and battens

Foils/Blades (you can charter foils at 50 euro extra per event)

Tiller and tiller extension (you can charter foils at 50 euro extra per event)

Mainsheet block with spring

All control lines with all control line blocks

Traveller blocks

Boom vang

Wind indicator